DAS(Database Autonomy Service) is a cloud service that uses machine learning and expert experience to implement database self-detection, self-repair, self-optimization, self-maintenance, and self-security. It helps you eliminate the complexity of database management and service failures caused by manual operations, thus effectively ensuring the stability, security, and efficiency of database services.


The MySQL autonomy service has the following features:

  • Sessions Management

    You can view sessions, collect session statistics, analyze SQL statements, and optimize the execution of SQL statements.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    You can view real-time information such as the queries per second (QPS), transactions per second (TPS), number of connections, and network traffic.

  • Storage Analysis

    You can view the space utilization, trend, exceptions, tablespaces, and data spaces.

  • Performance insight

    This function helps you evaluate database loads and find the root causes of performance problems to make your instance more stable.

  • Dashboard

    You can view and compare performance trends, customize monitoring dashboards, detect exceptions, and view the instance topology.

  • Slow Query Logs

    You can view the trends and statistics of slow SQL statements.

  • Report

    This function provides both manual and automatic diagnosis for you to view the instance health, alerts, and slow SQL statements.