The main specification metrics for AnalyticDB for MySQL node groups are CPU and memory. Different types of node groups support different disk space sizes. You can purchase disk space based on actual usage.

AnalyticDB for MySQL stores data in three replicas. Each node group consists of three online nodes (replicas). This improves reliability and query concurrency compared with the primary and secondary nodes or dual replicas. The three online nodes in each node group have individual specifications. For example, if you purchase a C8 node group, the three online nodes in the node group are all 8-core 64 GB nodes. In terms of pricing, you can pay for only two nodes when you purchase a node group.


AnalyticDB for MySQL offers Compute-intensive node groups (C series), all the data of these node groups is stored in standard SSDs. Compute-intensive node groups are ideal for services that require high performance and query concurrency.

Edition Model Description (Single node) Feature Performance
vCPUs Memory (GB) Disk space (GB)
Cluster Edition (compute-intensive) C8 8 64 100 to 1,000 Allows you to scale out nodes and scale up storage space. Provides 100 times the performance of MySQL databases and offers linear scalability.
C24 24 96 100 to 1,000
C32 32 256 100 to 8,000


  • The disk space displayed on the buy page is the space size of each node group. The total disk space of a cluster equals the space size multiplied by the number of node groups.
  • The total number of scale-in, scale-out, upgrade, and downgrade operations on each database cannot exceed 12 per day.