Call CreateOrder to create a ticket.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes CreateOrder

The operation that you want to perform. Valid values: CreateOrder .

Comment String Yes test

Create a ticket description.

PluginParam Json Yes {}

Parameters for creating a ticket. The format is a string in JSON format. The parameter settings for each ticket type are inconsistent. Refer to the supplementary description.

PluginType String Yes DATA_EXPORT

The type of the ticket. Valid values:

  • DC_COMMON: common data change
  • DC_CHUNK: data change without locking tables
  • DC_CRON_CLEAR: clean up historical data
  • NDDL: a schema design change ticket.
  • DATA_EXPORT: a data export ticket.
  • PERM_APPLY: a permission application ticket.
  • OWNER_APPLY: an Owner application request.
RelatedUserList String Yes 1,2,3

The list of job single-party account IDs. Separate multiple related persons with commas (,).

Tid Long No -1

The ID of the tenant.

Note The tenant ID is taken from the avatar in the upper-right corner of the system. For more information, see Tenant ID and Tenant .
RegionId String No cn-hangzhou

The Region ID that is passed through regionalized calling.

Instructions for the PluginParam parameter

     json# common data change "pluginParam" : { "classify" : "test", // cause Category "estimateAffectRows" : 1, // User estimated number of affected rows "execSQL" : "update base_op_log set id=1 where id=1;", // executed SQL "dbItemList" : [ { // The executed db list "dbId" : 179694, "logic" : false } ] , "rbSQL" : "update base_op_log set id=1 where id=1;", // rollback SQL "rbAttachmentName" : null filled in by the user, // rollback SQL ATTACHMENT "sqlType" : "TEXT", // SQL type, the value is TEXT, ATTACHMENT "sqrbltype" : "TEXT", // rollback SQL type, set the same value to "attachmentName" : // SQL attachment}# Change data without locking. "pluginParam" : { "classify" : "test", "execSQL" : "update base_op_log set op_type=op_type where 1=1;", // Run SQL "dbItemList" : [ { "dbId" : 179694, // change Database id "logic" : false } ] } # Historical data cleanup "pluginParam" : { "duration" : 10, // The specified timing length (hours). When no timing is specified, the value is 0; "specifyDuration": true, // specify whether the timing is long. true: Yes. false: no. The default value is false. "classify" : "test", "cronFormat" : "0 1 21**? ", // The expression that is executed regularly." execSql " : null, " dbItemList " : [ { " dbId " : 179694, // change Database id" logic " : false } ], " cronClearItemList " : [ {"filterSQL" : null, // filtering condition "columnName" : "gmt_create", // Time field "remainDays" : 60, // retention period "tableName" : "base_app" // table name} ] } 

     json# Structure Design "pluginParam": { "title": "test", // title "description": "test", // description "dbId": 118989, // benchmark Library "logic": false, // whether the logical Library "relatedIds": [], // change the related person id} 

     json# data export "pluginParam" : { "classify": "Reason Category", // reason Category "dbId": 179719, // export Library id "exeSQL": "select 1", // export SQL "logic": false, // whether it is a logical database "ignoreAffectRows": false, // Check whether to ignore the number of affected rows "affectRows": 1, // The estimated number of rows affected by the user "ignoreAffectRowsReason": "". // Ignore the check reason for the number of affected rows.} 

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
CreateOrderResult List 123

The ticket number returned after the ticket is created.

ErrorCode String UnknownError

The error code.

ErrorMessage String UnknownError

The error message of the failure.

RequestId String 427688B8-ADFB-4C4E-9D45-EF5C1FD6E23D

The ID of the request.

Success Boolean true

Indicates whether the request is successful.


Sample requests

     http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=CreateOrder &Comment=test &PluginParam =}& PluginType=DATA_EXPORT &RelatedUserList=1,2,3 &<common request parameters> 

Sample success responses

XML format

     <RequestId>427688B8-ADFB-4C4E-9D45-EF5C1FD6E23D</RequestId> <CreateOrderResult> <OrderIds>123</OrderIds> </CreateOrderResult> <Success>true</Success> 

JSON Format

     { "RequestId": "427688B8-ADFB-4C4E-9D45-EF5C1FD6E23D", "CreateOrderResult": { "OrderIds": [123] }, "Success": true } 

Error codes

Go to the Error Center For more information, see error codes.