Calls the ApproveOrder operation to process a ticket approval.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer. You can use OpenAPI Explorer to search for API operations, call API operations, and dynamically generate SDK sample code.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes ApproveOrder

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to ApproveOrder.

ApprovalType String Yes agree

The approval action. Valid values:

Tid Long Yes -1

The ID of the tenant.

Note The tenant ID is taken from the tenant ID displayed when you move the pointer on your profile picture. For more information, see View tenant information .
WorkflowInstanceId Long Yes 1234

The ID of the approval workflow. You can obtain this value from the GetOrderBaseInfo API responses. For a ticket to be approved, the value of this parameter is an integer greater than 0.

RegionId String No cn-hangzhou

Region-based call parameters

Comment String No test

The description.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Sample response Description
ErrorCode String UnknownError

The error codes.

ErrorMessage String UnknownError

The error message of the failure.

RequestId String 427688B8-ADFB-4C4E-9D45-EF5C1FD6E23D

The ID of the request.

Success Boolean true

Indicates whether the request is successful.


Sample request

     http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=ApproveOrder &ApprovalType=agree &Tid=-1 &<common request parameters> 

Sample success responses

XML format

     <RequestId>427688B8-ADFB-4C4E-9D45-EF5C1FD6E23D</RequestId> <Success>true</Success> 


     { "RequestId": "427688B8-ADFB-4C4E-9D45-EF5C1FD6E23D", "Success": true } 

Error codes

For more information about error codes, see error center.