Before you execute and test a TPC-H dataset on Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB for MySQL, make the following preparations:

  • Complete the following steps to create a directory in OSS to store the TPC-H dataset:
    1. Activate OSS

      Make sure that OSS and AnalyticDB for MySQL are located in the same region.

    2. Create buckets
    3. Create folders
      The following storage path in Object Storage Service (OSS) is used in this example:
      • "endpoint":""
      • "accessid":"MyAccessID"
      • "accesskey":"MyAccessKey"
      • "URL":"oss://tpchtest100g/table_name/"
  • You have created an AnalyticDB for MySQL cluster, configured a whitelist, and created accounts and databases for the cluster. For more information, see Quick start of AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  • Download the TPC-H dataset.
  • Generate TPC-H test data.

    After you download the TPC-H dataset, use the DBGEN tool built into the dataset to generate CSV-formatted data at a specified scale factor. The scale factor can be set based on the size of data to be generated. For example, if you need to generate 100 GB of TPC-H test data, set the scale factor to 100 by using the 100:dbgen -s100 command. If you need to generate a larger data volume in the dataset, you can use the concurrency function of DBGEN to accelerate data generation.

    Typically, a TPC-H table corresponds to a single data file. However, if the scale factor is set to a large value such as 10000, multiple data files will be created for a single TPC-H table.

  • Upload the test data to OSS.

    After you generate the TPC-H test data, upload the data to the following path in OSS: oss://tpchtest100g/table_name/.

    If a table corresponds to a single data file, you can upload all the data files to an OSS directory. If multiple data files are created for a single table, we recommend that you upload the data files corresponding to the same table to a separate subdirectory. This way, you only need to specify the subdirectories while exporting external tables.

  • Create TPC-H tables and OSS external tables in AnalyticDB for MySQL, and use OSS external tables to import data into AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  • Execute and test TPC-H queries.