Security Center Enterprise edition provides the asset fingerprints feature. This feature supports automatic fingerprint collection that runs periodically and manual fingerprint collection. This topic describes how to collect asset fingerprint data.

Background information

Security Center Enterprise edition supports the asset fingerprints feature. By default, it does not automatically collect asset fingerprint data.

You must set the refresh frequencies of asset fingerprints to automate collection tasks.

You can also manually run collection tasks to collect fingerprint data of individual assets.

  • Automatic collection tasks: You can set the refresh frequencies of ports, software, processes, accounts, and scheduled tasks to automate collection tasks that run periodically.
  • Manual collection tasks: You can manually run collection tasks to collect fingerprint data of individual assets. To manually run a collection task, navigate to the Assets > Asset Fingerprints tab.
  • If this is your first time using the asset fingerprints feature, we recommend that you set the refresh frequencies to automate collection tasks. Automatic collection tasks collect fingerprint data of all assets.
  • You can run manual collection tasks to collect the latest fingerprint data of individual assets only.

Automatic collection

  1. Login Cloud security center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Investigation > Asset Fingerprints.
  3. On the Asset Fingerprints page, click Settings in the upper-right corner.
  4. In the Settings dialog box that appears, set the refresh frequencies of the fingerprints.
    Set the refresh frequencies
    Fingerprint Refresh frequency
    Ports Valid values:
    • Disable: The default setting. After the refresh frequency is set to Disable, Security Center does not run automatic collection tasks to collect the latest fingerprint data.
    • Collected once an hour
    • Collected once every 3 hours
    • Collected once every 12 hours
    • Collected once a day
    • Collected once every 7 days
    Note By default, the refresh frequencies of all fingerprints are set to Disable. You can set different refresh frequencies for the fingerprints.
    Scheduled tasks
    After the refresh frequencies are set, Security Center runs automatic collection tasks based on the refresh frequencies. The latest data of the fingerprints are collected and displayed on the Asset Fingerprints page.

Manual collection

Navigate to the Assets page, and click the target server. Click Collect data now to manually run a collection task. For more information, see Manage individual assets.

Click Collect data now

What to do next

After the collection task is completed, navigate to the Asset Fingerprints page, and click the corresponding tab. The latest data is displayed on the tab. For more information, see View asset fingerprint data.