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What is Prepayment Balance

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2020

1. What is Prepayment Balance?

  • Prepayment Balance is a payment method that Alibaba Cloud provides to facilitate your online transactions.
  • The method supports fund management and spending. After determining to purchase an Alibaba Cloud product, you need to first pay for your Prepayment Balance, and then can use it on the Alibaba Cloud website.

    2. How do I prepay?

  • After determining to purchase an Alibaba Cloud product, you can deposit your Prepayment Balance on the Billing Management page of the Alibaba Cloud console.
  • Currently, you can deposit your Prepayment Balance by making a bank transfer. To facilitate the transfer, Alibaba Cloud allows you to fill in and download the payment request form on the page for credit deposit. You can make the bank transfer based on the information that is listed in the request form.
  • Enter the amount of Prepayment Balance to be deposited, select the Alibaba Cloud product to be purchased, and enter the note for using the Prepayment Balance. To accelerate the writing of the credit into your Prepayment Balance, we provide you with a virtual bank account function from Citibank. You can apply for access to this function. After your application has been approved, the corresponding account will be also displayed in the payment request form you downloaded.
  • After you complete the bank transfer, Alibaba Cloud automatically writes the credit to your Prepayment Balance according to the notification of the bank. Then you can use the credit balance to purchase the product.
  • Due to Citibank’s different policies in different countries or regions, the virtual bank account function is currently not available to users who sign contracts with (Europe) Limited or Alibaba Cloud (Singapore) Private Limited at the time of registration, but select India or Malaysia from the Country/Region drop-down list. If you are one of these users, we provide you with the general collection account of Alibaba Cloud. After your remittance is received, you need to open a ticket and contact Customer Services.

2.1 Prepayment Balance:

  • You can see Prepayment Balance,and the entrance to Prepay,the Detail of Prepayment.


2.2 How to Prepay

3. How do I use Prepayment Balance?

  • After your credit is written into your Prepayment Balance, you can use the Prepayment Balance.
  • You can use the Prepayment Balance to pay for subscription orders and pay-as-you-go bills.
  • When you deposit the Prepayment Balance, you indicate that the Prepayment Balance will be used for the Alibaba Cloud product you want to purchase, but you may change your decision upon actually spending your Prepayment Balance. In the actual use of the credit, you are allowed to change the intended use of your Prepayment Balance. Select the product you actually need to purchase, and choose Prepayment Balance to make the payment.

    4. How do I query Prepayment Balance spending records?

  • After the Prepayment Balance is spent, you can log on to the Alibaba Cloud console and choose Billing Management > Account Overview > Details to query the Prepayment Balance depositing records and details about spending.

    5. How do I request a refund?

  • If you have extra Prepayment Balance and will not continue to spend it on other products, you can apply to have the remaining amount refunded to you. However, Alibaba Cloud has not yet launched an online refund function. Therefore, you need to Submit work order, and the Customer Services staff will help you.