This topic describes how to troubleshoot exceptions that occur on a Linux ECS instance when you delete a mount target in the Apsara File Storage NAS console.


You have mounted a file system on a Linux ECS instance through a mount target. The mount target is deleted before the file system is unmounted, introducing Linux system exceptions. The system freezes, and no response is returned during execution of commands.


  1. Press Ctrl+C to stop command execution for the Linux ECS instance.
  2. Run the mount command to view the mount information.
    Retrieve the mount directory (for example,/mnt/data) from the mount information.View mount information
  3. Run the umount -f /mnt/data command to force the file system to unmount.

    Command syntax: unmount-f <Mount directory>

    Note If the unmount -f <Mount directory> command fails to unmount the file system, run the umount -l <Mount directory> command.

    After you unmount the file system, you can create a new mount target to mount the file system.