After you use Sec-Traffic Manager to create a scheduling rule for a domain name, you must update the CNAME record of the domain name to reroute website traffic to Sec-Traffic Manager. The rule takes effect only after you update the CNAME record. This topic describes how to use Sec-Traffic Manager to modify the CNAME record of a domain name to reroute traffic. In this example, the DNS resolution service is provided by Alibaba Cloud DNS.


A scheduling rule is created and the CDN interaction is set up by using Sec-Traffic Manager. For more information, see Sec-Traffic Manager.

Background information

After you create a scheduling rule or set up CDN interaction for a domain name, Sec-Traffic Manager assigns a CNAME record to the domain name. To reroute the inbound traffic by using Sec-Traffic Manager, you must map the protected domain name to the assigned CNAME record.
Note You can query the CNAME record assigned by Sec-Traffic Manager on the Sec-Traffic Manager page.
  • General rules are used to map the domain names of protected cloud resources to the CNAME record of a specific forwarding rule.General rule
  • CDN interaction rules are used to map domain names that have CDN interaction enabled to specific CNAME records assigned by Sec-Traffic Manager.CDN Interaction

In the following example, the domain name is managed by Alibaba Cloud DNS.

If you use third-party DNS services, log on to the system of the DNS provider to modify the DNS records. The following example is for reference only.

Assume that the domain name in a scheduling rule is You can perform the following steps to modify or add DNS records in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.
  2. On the Manage DNS page, find the domain name and click Configure in the Actions column.DNS records
  3. On the DNS Settings page, find the A record or CNAME record whose Host is bgp and click Edit in the Actions column.
    Note If you cannot find the DNS record that you want to manage in the list, you can click Add Record to add the record.
    Modify the record
  4. In the Edit Record or Add Record dialog box, set Type to CNAME and change Value to the CNAME record of the scheduling rule or CDN interaction domain name.Modify the CNAME record
  5. Click OK and wait for the settings to take effect.
  6. Check whether the website can be accessed.