This topic describes the operations that you need to perform after you submit a certificate application for review.

Background information

After entering all the requested information, uploading verification materials, and submitting your certificate application for review, you need to promptly confirm the verification email sent by the corresponding certificate authority (CA).

After you submit your certificate application for review, Alibaba Cloud will verify the corresponding qualification after receiving the information that you have submitted for review. The time required for this process varies with the requirements of different CAs. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check your email and phone for relevant notifications. Timely reply will effectively reduce the verification time for your certificate.

After submitting the certificate application for review, you also need to perform the following operations:

  1. (Required) Complete domain name verification through the verification email sent by the CA to you.
    Note After you submit the certification application for review, the CA will send you a verification email. You must follow these steps to complete the domain name verification. If you do not complete the domain name verification, you will not be able to pass the certificate application review and your certificate application will remain in the Application Review status.Verification process
  2. If your certificate application fails to pass the verification, the reason for this failure will be displayed in your order (if applicable). You need to modify the corresponding application information, especially the enterprise qualification information submitted for review, as prompted, and then resubmit the certificate application for review.
  3. (Optional) After your certificate application has passed the verification, select Application Review from the Certificate Status drop-down list on the homepage of the Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates console to view the expected date of issue, certificate type, and bound domain of the certificate for which you have submitted an application.
    Note To modify your application information, you can withdraw your application and modify the information before the certificate is issued. You cannot withdraw the application after the certificate is issued.

What to do next

The entire certificate application process is completed only after you enter the certificate application information, complete the verification, submit the certificate application for review, and confirm the verification email from the CA.

After the certificate application is reviewed, the CA will issue a certificate to you. You can download this issued certificate and install it on your server.