Call ListSearchLog to view instance logs.


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Request header

This operation uses common request parameters only. For more information, see Common parameters.

Request syntax

GET /openapi/instances/[InstanceId]/search-log HTTPS|HTTP

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
beginTime Long Yes 1531910852074

The beginning timestamp of the log. Unit: ms.

endTime Long Yes 1531910852074

The endding timestamp of the log. Unit: ms.

InstanceId String Yes es-cn-n6w1o1x0w001c****

The ID of the instance.

page Integer Yes 1

The page number of the plug-in list. Minimum value: 1. Default value: 1.

query String Yes host:172.16. **. ** AND content:netty

The keywords to query.

size Integer Yes 20

The number of entries to return on each page.

type String Yes INSTANCELOG

The type of the logs. Valid values:

  • INSTANCELOG: Cluster log
  • SEARCHSLOW: Search slow log
  • INDEXINGSLOW : Indexing slow log
  • JMVLOG : GC log
  • ES_SEARCH_ACCESS_LOG : Access log

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
Headers Struct

The header of the response.

X-Total-Count Integer 1000

The number of entries returned per page.

RequestId String 7F40EAA1-6F1D-4DD9-8DB8-C5F00C4E****

The ID of the request.

Result Array of Result

The list of returned logs.

content String [GC (Allocation Failure) 2018-07-19T17:24:20.682+0800: 7516.513: [ParNew: 6604768K->81121K(7341504K), 0.0760606 secs] 7226662K->703015K(31813056K), 0.0762507 secs] [Times: user=0.52 sys=0.00, real=0.07 secs]

The content of the log entry.

host String 192.168.**. **

The IP address of the node that generates the log.

instanceId String es-cn-n6w1o1x0w001c****

The ID of the Elasticsearch instance.

level String info

The level of the log entry. Valid values:

  • warn: warning logs
  • info: Information logs
  • error: error logs
  • trace: trace logs
  • debug: debug logs
timestamp Long 1531985112420

The timestamp when the log is generated. Unit: ms.

The Result also contains the following parameters.








The time when the log entry was generated.


Sample requests

GET /openapi/instances/es-cn-n6w1o1x0w001c****/search-log? type=INSTANCELOG&query=host:172.16. **. ** AND content:netty&beginTime=1531910852074&endTime=1531910852074&page=1&size=20 HTTP/1.1
Common request header

Sample success responses

XML format

    <host>192.168. **.**</host>
        <host>192.168. **.**</host>
        <content>[o.e.c.r.a.AllocationService] [MnNASM_] Cluster health status changed from [YELLOW] to [GREEN] (reason: [shards started [[my_index][3]] ...]).</content>
    <host>192.168. **.**</host>
        <host>192.168. **.**</host>
        <content>[o.e.c.r.a.AllocationService] [v4p9o7A] Cluster health status changed from [GREEN] to [YELLOW] (reason: [{MnNASM_}{MnNASM_OSR-2YgySSc****}{EvJHPrAOS_u8J3-6qZ****}{192.168. **. **}{192.168. **.**:9300}{ml.max_open_jobs=10, ml.enabled=true} transport disconnected]).</content>

JSON format

    "Result": [
            "timestamp": 1552868172741,
            "host": "192.168. **.**",
            "contentCollection": {
                "level": "info",
                "host": "192.168. **.**",
                "time": "2019-03-18T08:16:12.741Z",
                "content": "[o.e.c.r.a.AllocationService] [MnNASM_] Cluster health status changed from [YELLOW] to [GREEN] (reason: [shards started [[my_index][3]] ...])."
            "instanceId": "es-cn-n6w1o1x0w001c****"
            "timestamp": 1552838205462,
            "host": "192.168. **.**",
            "contentCollection": {
                "level": "info",
                "host": "192.168. **.**",
                "time": "2019-03-17T23:56:45.462Z",
                "content": "[o.e.c.r.a.AllocationService] [v4p9o7A] Cluster health status changed from [GREEN] to [YELLOW] (reason: [{MnNASM_}{MnNASM_OSR-2YgySSc****}{EvJHPrAOS_u8J3-6qZ****}{192.168. **. **}{192.168. **.**:9300}{ml.max_open_jobs=10, ml.enabled=true} transport disconnected])."
            "instanceId": "es-cn-n6w1o1x0w001c****"
    "RequestId": "121753D9-744A-4203-9EC4-F29E628A****",
    "Headers": {
        "X-Total-Count": 2

Error codes

HttpCode Error code Error message Description
400 InstanceNotFound The instanceId provided does not exist. The error message returned because the specified instance cannot be found. Check the instance status.

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.