The homepage of the Log Service console consists of the Resource Reports, Import Data, Projects, Beginner's Guide, New Features, and Watchlist sections.

Resource Reports section

The Resource Reports section displays the write traffic, read traffic, read count, index size, and storage size of all projects of the current account on the previous day.Resource Reports section

Import Data section

The Import Data section displays more than 40 data sources supported by Log Service. These data sources can be divided into the following three types:
  • Cloud service logs
  • Custom code logs
  • Open source or commercial software logs
Import Data sectionYou can select a data source whose log data you want to collect. After you complete the relevant access configurations, you can start to collect log data.

Projects section

The Projects section displays a list of projects that you created. In this section, you can create projects and view or edit the existing projects. For more information, see Manage a project.Projects section

Beginner's Guide section

The Beginner's Guide section provides information about the following topics:
  • Quick start: describes the basic features of Log Service based on the log data collection workflow.
  • Learning path: provides a learning path of Log Service.
  • Contact us: provides four methods (DingTalk, WeChat, Zhihu, and Youku) that you can use to contact Log Service technical support.
  • More: provides information about billing and permission management.
Beginner's Guide section

New Features section

The New Features section displays the new features of the Log Service console.New Features section

Watchlist section

The Watchlist section displays the resource list that you customized in Log Service. In this section, you can locate the frequently used resources and access them with a single click. To add a Logstore to your watchlist, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add to Watchlist icon next to the Logstore.
    Add to Watchlist icon
  2. Select a watchlist.
    • Add to Watchlist of Current Project
      On the Log Management page, you can view the Logstore that you added to your project watchlist.Add to Watchlist of Current Project
    • Add to Global Watchlist
      On the homepage of the Log Service console, you can view the Logstore that you added to your global watchlist.Add to Global Watchlist