After you activate the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to accelerate content delivery, you can easily customize CDN in the console or by calling API operations to fit your needs. This topic describes the composition of the CDN console, and the features and basic operations that are available in the console.


The following figure shows the composition of the CDN console.

Console of the Alibaba Cloud International site


Alibaba Cloud CDN supports domain management and service management. You can configure domain names, and query, monitor, or configure CDN resources in the console.

The following table lists the features for domain management.

Feature Reference
Allows you to copy one or more specified configurations of an accelerated domain to another one or more accelerated domains. Copy configurations
Monitors accelerated domains based on metrics, such as peak bandwidth, proportions of HTTP status codes, and hit ratios. Set an alert rule
Allows you to add tags to a domain name or group domain names by tags. You can use the tags to filter domain names, manage groups, and query data. Attach tags to a domain name, Use tags to manage domain names, and Query domain names by tag
Allows you to modify the accelerated region or origin information. Modify basic information and Configure an origin server
Allows you to modify the domain name of an origin server, set the maximum amount of time that CDN waits for a response after a request is redirected to the origin server, and configure other back-to-origin features. Configure an origin host, Configure the origin protocol policy, Enable private bucket back-to-origin authorization, Configure an origin SNI, Customize an HTTP header, and Set the origin request timeout period
Allows you to customize cache expiration rules for specified resources, customize the expiration rules for the status codes of the resources in the specified directories or with the specified file extensions, associate full URLs with error codes that are carried in HTTP or HTTPS responses, and configure other cache features. Create a cache expiration rule, Create a status code expiration rule, Create an HTTP header, Customize an error page, and Configure a rewrite rule
Provides an end-to-end HTTPS secure acceleration solution. Configure an SSL certificate, Enable HTTP/2, Enable force redirect, Configure TLS, and Configure HSTS
Identifies and filters visitors to prevent unauthorized downloads of and access to the resources on an origin server. Configure hotlink protection, Configure URL signing, Configure an IP address blacklist or whitelist, and Configure a User-Agent blacklist or whitelist
Optimizes service performance to accelerate content delivery. Configure HTML optimization, Configure intelligent compression, Configure Brotli compression, and Configure parameter filtering
Improves resource access efficiency, secures data transmission, and protects accelerated domains. Configure bandwidth cap
Allows you to set audio and video files to improve content delivery. Configure object chunking, Configure video seeking, Configure audio or video preview, and Audio extraction
Enables IPv6 communications between clients and CDN. Configure IPv6 settings

The following table lists the features for service management.

Feature Reference
Allows you to obtain up-to-date information about CDN by using resource monitoring and real-time monitoring, and to query and manage bills and other relevant data. Monitor data, View statistics, Query usage data, Query bills, Export a bill, Export billing details, and Resource plans
Retrieves the latest resources from an origin server, and fetches frequently requested resources before peak hours. Configure the refresh and prefetch features
Allows you to manage and analyze real-time logs and locate issues at the earliest opportunity. Download logs, Log storage
Checks whether an IP address belongs to an Alibaba Cloud CDN node. Diagnostic tools

Operations in the console

Before you perform the operations described in this topic, make sure that you have created an Alibaba Cloud account and passed real-name verification.

  1. Log on to the CDN console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane,
    • Choose Domain Names > Manage to configure required features for domain management.
    • Choose Monitoring & Usage Analytics, Refresh & Prefetch, Logs, Tools, or Dynamic Route for CDN to configure required features.


You can read the following documents to know more about the features of Alibaba Cloud CDN: