Table 1. Performance indicators
Performance indicator Scope Description
PolarDBDiskUsage Clusters Storage space.
PolarDBQPSTPS Clusters and nodes The number of requests per second (QPS) and the number of transactions per second (TPS).
PolarDBCPU Clusters and nodes CPU utilization.
PolarDBMemory Clusters and nodes Memory usage.
PolarDBConnections Nodes The number of database connections.
PolarDBNetworkTraffic Nodes Inbound and outbound traffic of the database network.
PolarDBInnoDBBufferRatio Nodes The usage of the memory buffer pool.
PolarDBInnoDBDataReadWrite Nodes The volume of InnoDB data that is read and written.
PolarDBInnoDBBufferRequests Nodes The number of requests of the InnoDB buffer pool.
PolarDBInnoDBLogWrites Nodes The write performance of InnoDB logs.
PolarDBCreatedTempDiskTable Nodes The temporary database tables.
PolarDBCOMDML Nodes The number of SQL requests sent to the database.
PolarDBRowDML Nodes The number of rows scanned by the database.
PolarDBIOSTAT Nodes The I/O performance of the database.
PolarDBReplicaLag Nodes The latency status of read-only nodes.
Table 2. Performance metrics
Performance indicator Metric Data type Unit Description
PolarDBDiskUsage mean_data_size Double MB The storage space used by the data.
mean_log_size Double MB The storage space used by logs.
mean_sys_dir_size Double MB The storage space used by the system.
mean_tmp_dir_size Double MB The storage space used by temporary files.
mean_redolog_size Double MB The storage space used by redo logs.
mean_binlog_size Double MB The storage space used by binary logs.
mean_other_log_size Double MB The size of other logs.
PolarDBQPSTPS mean_qps Double Times The number of requests per second.
mean_tps Double The number of transactions per second.
PolarDBCPU cpu_ratio Double Percentage CPU utilization (%).
PolarDBMemory mem_ratio Double Percentage Memory usage (%).
PolarDBConnections mean_active_session Double The number of active connections.
mean_total_session Double The total number of current connections.
PolarDBNetworkTraffic mean_input_traffic Double bit/s The inbound traffic per second.
mean_output_traffic Double bit/s The outbound traffic per second.
PolarDBInnoDBBufferRatio mean_innodb_buffer_dirty_ratio Double Percentage The percentage of dirty data blocks in the buffer pool.
mean_innodb_buffer_read_hit Double Percentage The read hit ratio of the buffer pool (%).
mean_innodb_buffer_use_ratio Double Percentage The utilization of the buffer pool.
PolarDBInnoDBDataReadWrite mean_innodb_data_read Double MB The volume of data that InnoDB reads from the storage engine per second.
mean_innodb_data_written Double MB The volume of data that InnoDB writes to the storage engine per second.
PolarDBInnoDBBufferRequests mean_innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests Double Times The number of buffer pool reads per second.
mean_innodb_buffer_pool_write_requests Double Times The number of buffer pool writes per second.
PolarDBInnoDBLogWrites mean_innodb_log_write_requests Double Times The number of physical log writes per second.
mean_innodb_os_log_fsyncs Double Times The number of synchronizations per second.
PolarDBCreatedTempDiskTable mean_created_tmp_disk_tables Double The number of temporary tables created per second.
PolarDBCOMDML mean_com_delete Double The number of DELETE statements executed per second.
mean_com_delete_multi Double The number of Multi-DELETE statements executed per second.
mean_com_insert Double The number of INSERT statements executed per second.
mean_com_insert_select Double The number of INSERT_SELECT statements executed per second.
mean_com_replace Double The number of REPLACE statements executed per second.
mean_com_replace_select Double The number of REPLACE_SELECT statements executed per second.
mean_com_select Double The number of SELECT statements executed per second.
mean_com_update Double The number of UPDATE statements executed per second.
mean_com_update_multi Double The number of Multi-UPDATE statements executed per second.
PolarDBRowDML mean_innodb_rows_deleted Double Line The number of rows deleted per second.
mean_innodb_rows_inserted Double Line The number of rows inserted per second.
mean_innodb_rows_read Double Line The number of rows read per second.
mean_innodb_rows_updated Double Line The number of rows updated per second.
PolarDBIOSTAT mean_iops_r Double Times/second The read IOPS.
mean_iops_w Double Times/second The write IOPS.
mean_iops Double Times/second The total IOPS.
mean_io_throughput_r Double MB The read I/O throughput.
mean_io_throughput_w Double MB The write I/O throughput.
mean_io_throughput Double MB The total I/O throughput.
PolarDBReplicaLag mean_replication_delay Double Second The replication latency.