This Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to your purchase and use of the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). This SLA defines the levels of service availability and provides the corresponding compensation schemes.


  • Service cycle: a calendar month. If you have used an Elasticsearch instance for less than one month, the accumulated use time in the month is taken as the service cycle.
  • Service cycle in minutes: the total number of minutes in a service cycle, which can be calculated by using the following formula: Service cycle in minutes = Total number of days in a service cycle × 24 hours × 60 minutes. If you have used an Elasticsearch instance for less than one month, the accumulated number of minutes in the month is taken as the service cycle in minutes.
  • Service downtime in minutes: the total number of minutes in a service cycle when the specified Elasticsearch instance is unavailable. During the service downtime, you cannot perform any operations, such as data writing or query, on the specified Elasticsearch instance. Each minute can be counted only once, regardless of the number of operations that fail in this minute.
  • Monthly service fee: the total amount of the service fee you pay for an Elasticsearch instance in a calendar month. If you have paid the service fee for multiple months in a lump sum, the monthly service fee equals to the lump-sum payment divided by the number of months.

Service availability agreement

The service availability of each instance is calculated in compliance with the following formula. For more information about the definition of each operand in the formula, see Definitions.Dimensions for calculating the service availability
Alibaba Cloud shall use commercially reasonable endeavors to provide a service availability of no less than 99.90% each calendar month in connection with your use of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Guarantee"). If Alibaba Cloud fails to meet the Service Guarantee, you shall be entitled to a compensation in accordance with the compensation schemes. For more information, see Compensation schemes. The Service Guarantee does not apply to any of the following events where the Service becomes unavailable:
  • System maintenance operations performed by Alibaba Cloud with prior notice, including cutovers, repairs, upgrades, and failure simulation drills.
  • Faults or configuration changes on networks or devices that are not provided by Alibaba Cloud.
  • Hacking of your applications or data.
  • Loss or leakage of information, such as data, tokens, and passwords, due to your improper maintenance or confidentiality.
  • Your negligence or authorized operations.
  • Your failure to comply with the user guides or recommendations for Alibaba Cloud services. For example, you frequently read, write, or modify data when the status of your Elasticsearch cluster is abnormal or the CPU usage, memory load, or disk usage is higher than the recommended threshold of 50%.
  • Local disk failures where the data in the local disk is erased. In this case, the Service becomes unavailable because it depends on the local disk and the data in the local disk at startup.
  • Change-triggered or forced restart of the Elasticsearch instance.
  • Your manual configurations or operations on the Elasticsearch instance.
  • Force majeure.

Compensation schemes

Compensation standards

Based on the monthly service availability of each Elasticsearch instance, the amount of compensation is calculated in accordance with the standards listed in the following table. As a compensation, Alibaba Cloud shall provide you with a service credit that can be used to purchase Elasticsearch products only. The service credit is calculated as a percentage of your monthly service fee (excluding the fee deducted by using a service credit) in the month when the Service Guarantee for service availability is not met. For more information about how to calculate the service availability, see Service availability agreement.
Monthly service availability Service credit percentage
Less than 99.90% but greater than or equal to 99.00% 15%
Less than 99.00% but greater than or equal to 95.00% 30%
Less than 95.00% 100%

Time limit for claiming compensation

If you believe that the Service Guarantee in connection with your use of the Service is not met in any calendar month, you may file a claim for the affected instance after the fifth (5th) workday in the next calendar month.

Your claim for a service credit must be filed within two (2) months after the last day of the calendar month of occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim. Your failure to submit the claim within this time limit will be deemed to be an irrevocable waiver of your right to claim and receive such service credit.


Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to modify the terms of this SLA. Alibaba Cloud shall notify you of any amendment to the terms of this SLA 30 days in advance through website announcement or email. If you do not agree to the amended SLA, you have the right to stop using the Service. Your continued use of the Service after the publishing of the amended SLA shall be deemed as your acceptance of the amended SLA.