This topic describes the release notes for AnalyticDB for MySQL.

V3.0.9.6 (April 2020)

AnalyticDB for MySQL Basic Edition is upgraded to improve service quality. The new features are as follows:

  • New feature
    • Geometry functions are supported.
    • The JSON_EXTRACT function is supported.
    • INSERT INTO VALUES(FROM_UNIXTIME(...)) is supported.
    • Nested Loop Join is supported.
    • Power BI is supported at the protocol layer.
    • Database names can contain hyphens (-).
      Note Hyphens (-) must be enclosed in backticks (``).
  • Improvement
    • Zero dates (0000-00-00) are converted to NULL.
    • The DIV function of the DECIMAL type is supported as in MySQL.
    • Explicit type conversion of JSON functions is supported as in MySQL and Hive.
    • The threshold for logging slow queries is set to one second.

V3.0.9 (March 2020)

  • New feature
    • The JSON data type and the relevant JSON functions are supported.
    • The SELECT NOW() statement is supported.
  • Improvement
    • The maximum number of tables that are supported in a Cluster Edition cluster of the minimum specifications (two node groups) is increased from 512 to 800.
    • The compatibility with data definition language (DDL) statements in AnalyticDB for MySQL V2.0 is improved to enable smooth migration to AnalyticDB for MySQL V3.0 without negative impacts on your service.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL V3.0 improves compatibility with business intelligence (BI) tools and is fully compatible with Power BI.
  • Bugfix

    The problem that the system returns an unclear error message when the disk space exceeds the threshold during data loading is fixed.

V3.0.8 (February 2020)

  • New feature
    • MariaDB Connector/J is supported.
    • The storage-intensive instance type S8 is added for AnalyticDB for MySQL clusters of the Cluster Edition. S8 is ideal for scenarios that do not require high concurrency and performance.
    • Node groups can be purchased and scaled out in pairs. This allows you to purchase clusters and reduces costs.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in the China East 1 Finance, China East 2 Finance, and China South 1 Finance regions of Alibaba Finance Cloud.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in the China (Hong Kong), Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai), and Australia (Sydney) regions.
  • Improvement

    The TIMESTAMP and DATETIME data types are compatible with the NO_ZERO_DATE mode of MySQL SQL _MODE.

  • Bugfix

    The compatibility problem of the SUBSTRING_INDEX function in terms of boundary processing is fixed.

V3.0.7 (December 2019)

  • New feature
    • The compute-intensive instance type C24 is added for AnalyticDB for MySQL clusters. C24 is ideal for scenarios that require complex computing capabilities.
    • Specifications can be upgraded. You can perform hot switchovers between C8, C4, and C24 within seconds.
    • The monitoring and alerting feature is supported. You can use CloudMonitor to set the threshold for all monitoring items. Exceeding the threshold will trigger alerts.
    • The stop query feature is supported. You can view and stop running queries in real time in the console.
    • Data Transmission Service (DTS) can be used to synchronize data from Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) to AnalyticDB for MySQL in real time for data analytics.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is released for international use. This service is available in Singapore and Japan (Tokyo) regions.
  • Improvement
    • Window functions can be used to create views.
    • Common table expressions (CTEs) can be used in the INSERT SELECT FROM clause.

V3.0.6 (September 2019)

  • New feature
    • The instance type C4 is added to simplify the use of AnalyticDB for MySQL. We recommend that you use this instance type in learning.
    • The COLLECT_SET function is supported.
  • Improvement

    The production and scale-out time for clusters are optimized, saving costs.

  • Bugfix

    The problem that the IF NOT EXIST clause does not take effect for external tables is fixed.

V3.0.5 (August 2019)

  • New feature
    • The default value of a column can be set to the current time, such as gmt_create datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is supported by Oracle GoldenGate (OGG), enhancing data synchronization from Oracle to AnalyticDB for MySQL.
    • Elegant disk resizing is supported. This improves flexibility and reduces costs.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in Alibaba Finance Cloud.
    • Virtual e-commerce logistics platforms and CloudTmall are supported.
  • Improvement

    The problem that errors are returned when you modify non-auto-increment attributes to auto-increment attributes is fixed.

V3.0.4 (July 2019)

  • New feature
    • The incremental backup and restoration features are supported. You can restore data from backup sets to a point in time to maximize data restorability.
    • The LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE feature is supported.
    • Node groups can be purchased in pairs. For example, you can flexibly select 2, 4, 6, or 8 in the console.
    • The Variable-length binary functions data type and some important functions are supported.
  • Improvement

    AnalyticDB for MySQL is fully compatible with Navicat, FineReport, and FineBI, and improves compatibility with SequelPro.

  • Bugfix

    The problem with comparing subqueries for multiple columns is fixed.