This topic describes the feature updates of AnalyticDB for MySQL.

V3.1.1.6 (July 2020)

  • Added features
    • When the ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY column_name statement is executed to modify a TIMESTAMP column or a DATETIME column, the ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP clause is supported.
    • Names of tables and columns can be in Chinese.
    • When you create a foreign Object Storage Service (OSS) table, follow these rules:
      • The partition key columns must be specified at the end of the field list in the CREATE TABLE statement. Otherwise, the table fails to be created.
      • The first row in an OSS file can be set as a file header. The system skips the first row when the system reads data in the file.
    • The Create Table As Select statement can be executed to create a table. For more information, see CTAS.
  • Enhanced features
    • The default values for the fields of the BOOLEAN type can be 0 or 1.
    • The Show Databases permission can be granted.
  • Fixed bugs
    • The Not a Number (NaN) bug occurs in statistics.
    • When the CREATE TABLE statement is executed to create a table, the table name is the same as the view name.
    • When a number of queries fail, data queries slow down.
    • After a statement that contains a GROUP BY clause is executed to query data from a table that has a multi-value column, the returned data is incomplete.
    • After the data in an OSS foreign table is compressed by using gzip, the data that is read from the end of the table is incomplete.

V3.0.9.6 (April 2020)

To improve the service quality, the following database software upgrades are performed for users of AnalyticDB for MySQL Basic Edition:

  • Added features
    • The JSON_EXTRACT function is supported.
    • The INSERT INTO VALUES(FROM_UNIXTIME(...)) statement is supported.
    • The nested loop join algorithm is supported for data joining.
    • Power BI is supported at the protocol layer.
    • Hyphens (-) can be included in database names.
      Note Hyphens (-) must be enclosed in backticks (``).
  • Enhanced features
    • Zero dates (0000-00-00) are converted to NULL.
    • The DIV function of the DECIMAL type is supported as in MySQL.
    • The CAST function is supported for JSON data as in MySQL and Apache Hive.
    • The threshold for logging slow queries is set to 1 second.

V3.0.9 (March 2020)

  • Added features
    • The JSON data type and the relevant JSON functions are supported.
    • The SELECT NOW() statement is supported.
  • Enhanced features
    • The maximum number of tables that are supported in a Cluster Edition cluster of the minimum specifications is increased from 512 to 800. The minimum specifications indicate that the Cluster Edition cluster has only two node groups.
    • The compatibility of data definition language (DDL) statements in AnalyticDB for MySQL V2.0 is improved to enable smooth data migration to AnalyticDB for MySQL V3.0 clusters. During the migration, your business is not affected.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL V3.0 improves compatibility with business intelligence (BI) tools and is fully compatible with Power BI.
  • Fixed bug

    The system returns an unclear error message when the used disk space exceeds the threshold in the process of loading data.

V3.0.8 (February 2020)

  • Added features
    • MariaDB Connector/J is supported.
    • The storage-intensive instance type S8 is added for AnalyticDB for MySQL clusters of the Cluster Edition. S8 is ideal for scenarios that do not require high concurrency and performance.
    • Node groups can be purchased and scaled out in pairs. This allows you to purchase clusters on demand and reduces costs.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in the China East 1 Finance, China East 2 Finance, and China South 1 Finance regions of Alibaba Finance Cloud.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in the China (Hong Kong), Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai), and Australia (Sydney) regions.
  • Enhanced feature

    The TIMESTAMP and DATETIME data types are compatible with the NO_ZERO_DATE mode of MySQL SQL_MODE.

  • Fixed bug

    Compatibility issues occur to the SUBSTRING_INDEX function in terms of boundary condition processing.

V3.0.7 (December 2019)

  • Added features
    • The compute-intensive instance type C24 is added for AnalyticDB for MySQL clusters. C24 is ideal for scenarios that require complex computing capabilities.
    • Specifications can be upgraded. You can perform hot switchovers between C8, C4, and C24 in seconds.
    • The monitoring and alert feature is supported. For more information about this feature, see Set an alert rule. You can use CloudMonitor to set the thresholds for all metrics. An alert is triggered when the alert threshold is reached.
    • The stop query feature is supported. You can view and stop running queries in real time in the console.
    • Data Transmission Service (DTS) can be used to synchronize data from Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) to AnalyticDB for MySQL in real time for data analytics.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is released for international use. This service is available in the Singapore and Japan (Tokyo) regions.
  • Enhanced features
    • Window functions can be used to create views.
    • Common table expressions (CTEs) can be used in the INSERT SELECT FROM clause.

V3.0.6 (September 2019)

  • Added features
    • The instance type C4 is added to simplify the use of AnalyticDB for MySQL. We recommend that you use this instance type in learning.
    • The COLLECT_SET function is supported.
  • Enhanced feature

    The creation time and scale-out time for clusters are optimized. This reduces costs.

  • Fixed bug

    The IF NOT EXIST clause does not take effect for foreign tables.

V3.0.5 (August 2019)

  • Added features
    • The default value of a column can be set to the current time, for example, gmt_create datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
    • Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) is supported in AnalyticDB for MySQL to enhance data synchronization from Oracle to AnalyticDB for MySQL.
    • Elegant disk resizing is supported. This allows you to resize disks on demand and reduces costs.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in Alibaba Finance Cloud.
    • AnalyticDB for MySQL is available in Virtual e-commerce logistics platforms and CloudTmall.
  • Fixed bug

    An error is returned when you change a non-auto-increment attribute to an auto-increment attribute.

V3.0.4 (July 2019)

  • Added features
    • The incremental backup and backup and restoration features are supported. You can restore data from backup sets to a point in time to maximize data restorability.
    • The LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement is supported.
    • Node groups can be purchased in pairs. For example, you can select 2, 4, 6, or 8 in the console.
    • The Encryption and compression functions data type and some important functions are supported.
  • Enhanced feature

    AnalyticDB for MySQL is fully compatible with Navicat, FineReport, and FineBI, and improves compatibility with SequelPro.

  • Fixed bug

    Multiple columns are not supported for subquery comparisons.