This topic describes how to activate DataV.


  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. Read the DataV Agreement of Service, select I have read and agree to DataV Agreement of Service, and click Activate Now.

    DataV offers a 30-day free trial of the Basic Edition. You can purchase any official edition of DataV during the trial period.

    If DataV has been activated, you can perform operations in the console.

  3. On the service activation page, click Buy.
    Note You can also click DataV console in the upper-right corner to log on to the DataV Basic Edition console for a trial.
  4. On the buy page, specify Edition and Time.
    Alibaba Cloud offers the following DataV editions: Basic Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Professional Edition. The functions vary with the edition you choose. You can switch between the edition tabs to view the functions. Select an edition that suits your needs.
    Note The Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition can be purchased on a yearly or monthly basis. The Basic Edition must be purchased on a yearly basis.
  5. Click Buy Now.

What to do next

After your purchase, log on to the DataV console to create a project. For more information, see Create a project by using a template or Create a project by using a blank canvas.