This topic describes how to use Flink to process data in JindoFileSystem (JindoFS).

JindoFS configuration

For example, a namespace named emr-jfs is created with the following configuration:

  • jfs.namespaces=emr-jfs
  • jfs.namespaces.emr-jfs.uri=oss://oss-bucket/oss-dir
  • jfs.namespaces.emr-jfs.mode=block

Use JindoFS

You can set the input and output directories of Flink jobs to directories in a namespace supported by JindoFS. In this case, Flink jobs can read and write data in JindoFS.

For example, to store job data in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), run the following command:

flink run -m yarn-cluster -yD -yD akka.ask.timeout=60s -yjm 2048 -ytm 2048 -ys 4 -yn 14 -c -p 56 XXX.jar --input hdfs:///test//large-input-flink --output hdfs:///runjob/test/large-output-flink"

To store job data in JindoFS, run the following command:

flink run -m yarn-cluster -yD -yD akka.ask.timeout=60s -yjm 2048 -ytm 2048 -ys 4 -yn 14 -c -p 56 XXX.jar --input jfs://emr-jfs/test/large-input-flink --output jfs://emr-jfs/test/large-output-flink"