Service search is the most basic function of Dubbo OPS. It currently supports query by service, application, and IP address.

Query Dubbo services

In the drop-down list on the right of Search Dubbo Services or Applications, select a query dimension, enter a keyword in the text box, and click Search.

You can enter a service name, IP address, or application name. Enter a service name in the format of group/service:version. Fuzzy search is supported. You can enter * or leave it blank to search all services. Fuzzy search is not supported for IP addresses and applications.

Query service details

  1. In the Query Result section, find the target service, and click Details in the Actions column.
  2. On the Dubbo Service Details page, view the basic information, details, and metadata about the service.
    • Basic Information: includes the service, application, group, and version information.
    • Service Information: includes the Provider and Consumer tabs, which display information such as the IP address, port, and application name.
    • Metadata: is only displayed for Dubbo 2.7 and later for the moment.