This topic provides answers to commonly asked questions about the pricing of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch clusters.

Can I apply for a refund on a subscription Elasticsearch cluster?

No refunds are provided for subscription Elasticsearch clusters. If you want to terminate your subscription Elasticsearch cluster, make sure that all data is backed up. Then, log on to the Alibaba Cloud console and choose Billing > Renew to disable auto renewal. You can use the Elasticsearch cluster up till the end of the current billing cycle. However, fees that have been paid are not refunded. Auto renewal is disabled for your Elasticsearch cluster in the next billing cycle.

Are there any discounts offered for Elasticsearch clusters?

For the same period of use, subscription Elasticsearch clusters offer a better price-point than pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch clusters. For subscription Elasticsearch clusters, higher discounts are offered on subscriptions of one year and above. Typically, the discounts offered are 15% off for one year, 30% off for two years, and 50% off for three years.