This topic describes how to install the Security Center agent on instances that are not provided by Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS).

Background information

Security Center supports Alibaba Cloud ECS instances and external instances, such as Amazon Web Services instances. To have your instances protected by Security Center, you must install the Security Center agent on your instances no matter whether they are provided by Alibaba Cloud ECS or other service providers.

If your server does not have the Security Center agent installed, the server is not protected by Security Center. The security data of this server such as vulnerabilities, alerts, baseline vulnerabilities, and asset fingerprints are not displayed in the Security Center console.

The Security Center agent cannot be automatically installed on external instances. You must manually install the agent on these instances.


  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. Choose Settings > Agent.
  3. Select an installation method depending on your operating system to download the latest agent.Manually install the agent
    • Windows operating system
      1. On the Agent page, click Click to download to download the latest installation file to your local computer.
      2. Upload the installation file to your Windows server. You can use an FTP tool to upload the file.
      3. Run the Security Center agent installer on your Windows server as an administrator.
      4. If you install an agent on a non-Alibaba Cloud server, you must enter the verification key to associate the server with your Alibaba Cloud account. You can retrieve the installation verification key on the Agent page.Windows operating system
        Note Each installation key is valid for one hour. After an installation key expires, you cannot use it to install the Security Center agent. You must renew the verification key before you install the agent.
    • Linux operating system
      1. On the Agent page, scroll down to the Linux OS section and select Alibaba Cloud Servers or Non-Alibaba Servers based on the type of your server.
      2. Log on to your Linux-based server as an administrator.
      3. Copy the install command for 32-bit Linux or 64-bit Linux based on the operating system of your server.
      4. Run the command on your server to download and install the Security Center agent.
      Note This command also downloads the latest Security Center agent from the Alibaba Cloud site. Make sure that the external instances are connected to the Internet.

Install the agent on multiple external instances at the same time

  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. Choose Settings > Agent.
  3. On the Agent page, download the installation program if you use the Windows operating system. Copy the installation commands if you use the Linux operating system.Manually install the agent
  4. Open your user-created O&M system, for example, Xshell or SecureCRT, and run the installation scripts or commands on your instances.
  5. Optional. Log on to the Security Center console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Assets > Server. Verify that the Agent status of the instances is Enabled.