Log Service is integrated with ActionTrail and provides the Inner-ActionTrail feature. This feature allows you to ship operations logs of Alibaba Cloud services from ActionTrail to Log Service in near real time for analysis and auditing.

Using the Inner-ActionTrail feature, you can quickly record and store operations logs of Alibaba Cloud services. Currently, only operations logs of Object Storage Service (OSS) are supported. Then, you can ship these logs to Log Service for analysis and auditing based on the search and analysis, reporting, alerting, and downstream computing and shipping features of Log Service.


The Inner-ActionTrail feature has the following benefits:
  • Compliance audits. This feature allows you to store the operations logs of Alibaba Cloud services that are generated in recent six months to meet the compliance auditing requirements.
  • Ease of configurations. You can specify the settings with ease to enable this feature.
  • Real-time analysis. Log Service provides the real-time analysis capacity and out-of-the-box statistical charts, which allow you to learn about the distribution and details of operations logs.
  • Real-time alerts. You can enable the monitoring and alerting feature for the specified metrics to quickly respond to the changes that occur to your important businesses.

Supported Alibaba Cloud services


Prerequisites and limits

To use the Inner-ActionTrail feature, you must meet the following prerequisites.
  • To use the Inner-ActionTrail function, you need to submit a ticket or contact your sales manager. After you have obtained the permission to use Inner-ActionTrail, you can activate this function in the Log Service console for log analysis and auditing.
  • You have enabled the Alibaba Cloud Log Service and your account has no overdue payments.
  • When you use the Inner-ActionTrail feature, you must note the following limits. Operations logs can only be shipped to a single dedicated Logstore, and then the Logstore is limited in use.
    • You cannot write data to the Logstore by using API operations or SDKs.
    • The built-in charts of the Logstore may be updated.
  • Except these limits, you can use the Logstore as you use normal Logstores. All other features of Logstores are supported, such as search, statistics, alerting, and stream consumption.
  • After Inner-ActionTrail is enabled, the storage period of the Logstore is reset to 180 days. You can modify the storage period on the Logstore modification page.


  • Track operations logs of Alibaba Cloud services to find the reasons for asset changes.
  • View, audit, and evaluate operations logs in near real time.
  • Export logs to on-premises data centers.