If your website is vulnerable to attacks but requires delivery acceleration, we recommend that you use Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN) to secure your workloads.


SCDN applies to scenarios that require both content delivery acceleration and high security. SCDN is especially suitable for industries, such as gaming, finance, government and enterprise security, e-commerce, and healthcare. SCDN mitigates network attacks for these industries. SCDN accelerates content delivery, secures data transmitted over CDN, and improves user experience.

Issues resolved

  • The use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) without security protections cannot secure your workloads.
  • Anti-DDoS solutions without Alibaba Cloud CDN cannot accelerate content delivery.
  • If Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Premium instances identify and filter requests for content before CDN processes these requests, content delivery cannot be accelerated.
  • Bottlenecks may occur if multiple clients simultaneously request resources from origin servers across networks.
  • Multiple issues may be caused by malicious bot traffic, such as network traffic consumption, sensitive data theft, and downgraded service performance.

Required features

The following table describes required features of Alibaba Cloud CDN.
Feature Description
Protection against network attacks Protects your CDN resources against DDoS attacks or HTTP flood attacks.
Stable acceleration Secures the acceleration of content delivery based on Alibaba Cloud CDN and covers more than 2,000 nodes in mainland China. The bandwidth capacity of each node is over 40 Gbit/s and the total bandwidth capacity of all these nodes exceeds 120 Tbit/s.
Access control Supports referer and IP address blacklists or whitelists to authenticate and authorize visitors. URL signing protects resources on origin servers from unauthorized downloads and access.
End-to-end HTTPS secure acceleration Provides an end-to-end HTTPS secure acceleration solution and allows you to upload and manage SSL certificates.
Log download Allows you to download all access logs.

Related operations

Before you select a workload type for your domain name for CDN in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console, make sure that you have full knowledge about the application scenarios of different workload types. For more information, see Add a domain name to Alibaba Cloud CDN.