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Create a Tenant

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2020

Tenant is the unit of database object management and resource management. A tenant is a container for various database objects and resources (such as CPU, memory and I/O). For more information, see Security Management.

Create a tenant

  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for OceanBase Console.

  2. In the left side navigation pane, click Clusters.

  3. On the Clusters page, find the target cluster and click it’s name.

  4. In the upper right corner of the page, click Create Tenant button.

  5. Configure the parameters that are described in the following table.

Parameter Description
Tenant Name The name of the tenant. The name cannot be a reserved name, such as SYS.
Mode The Oracle and MySQL modes are available.
Tenant Specification The CPU and memory size of the tenant.
Character Set If Oracle mode is selected, UTF8MB4, UTF16 and GBK are available.
If MySQL mode is selected, AL32UTF8, AL16UTF16 and ZSH16GBK are available.
Time Zone The time zone of the tenant.
VPC The ID of the VPC to which the ECS instance is located.
VSwitch The ID of the VSwitch in the VPC to which the ECS instance is located.