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This topic describes how to manage rules.

Modify/stop/start/manually evaluate/delete a rule

  • Rule modification: Similar to rule creation, you can modify the basic information and running information of the rule. When you change a rule, the rule is executed according to the original configuration. After you save the changes, the rule is run with the new configuration.
  • Stop rule: if you want to retain the rule configuration while suspending the compliance audit, you can find the action column next to the rule entry on the rule management list page, choose More> stop rule to change the status of the rule to disabled.
  • Start rule: you can find the action column after the rule entry on the rule management list page, choose More> enable rules to re-enter the "applying" status.
  • Manual evaluation: you can click re-evaluation in the upper-right corner of the rule list, re-evaluate in the upper-right corner of the rule details page, and click, perform a manual assessment of one or more rules at three locations.
  • Delete evaluation results: configuration audit allows you to delete the evaluation results of a rule so that you can clear test data before the formal compliance monitoring starts. You can operate in the upper-right corner of "associated resources list" under Rule details.
  • Delete rule: you must disable the rule before deleting it. The rule configuration will not be retained after deletion.