After you authorize Cloud Config to access your resources, you can view the resources that reside in different regions under your account in Cloud Config. You can also search for the specified resource and view the detailed configuration of the resource.

Background information

Currently, Cloud Config only supports some Alibaba cloud services. Therefore, the resource list may only display a part of your resources. Cloud Config will support more Alibaba Cloud services and display more resources in the resource list soon. For more information about the types of resources that Cloud Config currently supports, see Resource types supported by Cloud Config.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Config console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Resources. On the Resources page that appears, you can view the resources that Cloud Config supports under your account.
    View the resource list
    Column Description
    Tags The tag you add to the resource when you manage the resource. If you do not add any tags to the resource, no tag appears in this column.
    Monitoring Status The current monitoring status of the resource based on the monitoring scope you set in Cloud Config. Cloud Config monitors the configuration changes of your resources, records the change history, and automatically evaluates the compliance of the new resource configuration. For more information about how to manage the monitoring scope, see Monitoring statuses.
    Resource Type The type of the resource. For more information about the definition of the resource type, see Resource type.