The ApsaraDB for HBase team regularly releases minor versions for hot fixes and service improvements. Alibaba Cloud guarantees the compatibility of these minor versions. If critical bugs are found in any of the versions, the team will send you a notification email. We recommend that you manually upgrade minor versions during off-peak hours to ensure the continuity of your business. Alibaba Cloud will not automatically upgrade your clusters.

Upgrade procedure

Click Minor Version Upgrade in the console during off-peak hours. upgrade_min_version The HBase service is not interrupted during the upgrade. The system performs a rolling upgrade on the cluster. To minimize the impact on your workloads, all regions will be moved to other servers before the RegionServer restarts. There may be service interruptions during the upgrade process, but all HBase clusters will be still available. You can safely perform minor version upgrades.

The time it takes to upgrade a cluster depends on the size of the cluster and the number of regions. Typically, it takes less than 10 minutes to upgrade a cluster that contains two core nodes and 100 regions. For large clusters that contain thousands of regions, it may take more than an hour to upgrade the cluster.

If you have any questions during the upgrade, submit a ticket or contact the ApsaraDB for HBase Q&A DingTalk group for troubleshooting.

Release notes


Cold storage and Hot and cold data separation are supported.


Full-text index service is supported and some issues are fixed.


High-performance native secondary indexes and Hot and cold data separation are supported.


High-performance native secondary indexes are optimized and issues that may be encountered during the bulkload process are fixed.