If you modify the configurations or other information of a cluster or node, you may need to restart the cluster for the modifications to take effect. This topic describes how to restart a Logstash cluster or node in the console.


Status of the cluster is Active, and resource usages are not high.
Note Example: NodeCPUUtilization(%) is about 80%, NodeHeapMemoryUtilization(%) is about 50%, and NodeLoad_1m is less than the number of CPU cores of the current data node. To view resource usages, click the cluster ID in the Cluster ID/Name column. Then, click Cluster Monitoring in the left-side navigation page of the cluster details page. For more information, see Configure the monitoring and alerting feature in CloudMonitor.

Restart a Logstash cluster or node

You can restart a cluster or node as required. A cluster restart refers to the restart of all nodes in a cluster. However, a node restart refers to the restart of a single node. The precautions and operations for a Logstash cluster or node restart are similar to those of an Elasticsearch cluster or node restart. For more information, see Restart a cluster or node.