During the National Day holiday of China, data centers of all Chinese service providers will be shut down, which will affect the leased line installation schedule of Alibaba Cloud. The leased line installation of some Express Cloud Connect instances has to be postponed until after the National Day holiday.

Data centers of Chinese service providers will be shut down from September 15 to October 8, but this time frame may vary from region to region. Some regions may see data centers shut down from the beginning of September.

During the shutdown of data centers, your services can be affected in the following ways:
  1. During the shutdown period, no one is allowed in or out of the data centers. No operations involving circuit and data adjustments are allowed, such as routing policy modifications, bandwidth adjustments, and network cutover. Only server reset and emergencies will be handled.
  2. During the shutdown period, major network security accidents will be strictly investigated and penalties will be involved.
  3. During the shutdown period, no visitor's permits are issued.