On the Properties page of a node, you can set parameters of the node in the General, Schedule, Dependencies, and Parameters sections. The General section allows you to set basic attributes of the node.

On the editing page of a node, click the Properties tab in the right-side navigation pane. Then, you can set parameters in the General section.General
Parameter Description
Node Name The name of the node that you specify when creating the node. To modify the name, right-click the node in the left-side navigation pane and select Rename.
Node ID The unique ID of the node. The node ID is generated when the node is committed for the first time. The node ID cannot be modified.
Node Type The type of the node that you specify when creating the node. The node type cannot be modified.
Owner The owner of the node. The owner of a newly created node is the current logon user by default. You can change the owner as required.
Note Only a member in the workspace where the node resides can be selected as the owner.
Description The description of the node about the business and usage.
Arguments The parameter used to assign a value to a variable in the code during node scheduling. You can enter multiple parameters. Separate multiple parameters with spaces.

Parameter value assignment formats for various node types

  • Format for ODPS SQL and ODPS MR nodes: Variable name 1=Parameter 1 Variable name 2=Parameter 2. Separate multiple parameters with spaces.
  • Format for Shell nodes: Parameter 1 Parameter 2. Separate multiple parameters with spaces.

For more information about built-in time parameters, see Scheduling parameters.