This topic describes how to create and reference a node group.

You can group several nodes that are frequently reused together as a node group. The configuration of each node remains unchanged after the nodes are added to a node group. Later, you can directly reference the node group to reuse these nodes.

Create a node group

  1. On the Data Analytics page, create a workflow. For more information, see Create a workflow.
  2. Go to the dashboard of the created workflow. Click the Box icon in the upper-right corner and drag a box to select the target nodes to be included in a node group.
  3. Right-click any node in the selected nodes and select New Node Group.
  4. In the New Node Group dialog box that appears, enter a name in the Name field and click OK.
  5. Right-click the node group and select Save node group. In the dialog box that appears, click OK. Then, you can view the created node group in the Node Group section.
    Action Description
    Save node group Save the node group. You can only view the node group in the node group list after you click Save node group. A node group that is not saved cannot be referenced in other workflows.
    Delete node group Delete the node group. Click Delete node group to delete all nodes in the selected node group.
    Split node group Dismiss the node group. After the node group is dismissed, the selected nodes no longer form a node group in the workflow. However, the node group still exists in the node group list.

    If the created node group contains a Machine Learning experiment node, create a Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) experiment in another workflow to reference the node group. If the created node group contains a branch node, add digits to the value in the Associated Node Output parameter.

Reference a node group

You can directly drag a node group to another workflow to reference the node group in the workflow. The dependencies among the nodes in the node group remain unchanged.

You can run the workflow or commit and deploy the workflow. Then, go to Operation Center to view the running result.