App Monitoring of Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) is used to monitor app performance and user experience on mobile devices. It helps you accurately measure app performance from crash analysis, performance analysis, and mobile log, among which performance analysis and mobile log will be launched soon. In addition, it monitors app performance and availability in real time, to help you quickly discover app risks with low costs.

Crash analysis

In terms of user experience, the crash of a mobile app is the biggest problem that affects the availability of the app. Due to difficult collection of crash reports, no context is available for crash analysis or in-depth mining for data analysis. Therefore, crash analysis has always been a difficult problem in app performance management. Based on these problems, ARMS App Monitoring classifies and analyzes common app crash problems on Android and iOS platforms, helping you quickly locate problems.

  • Crash statistics

  • Crash details

Performance analysis

Performance analysis aims to address performance problems when users go online. Performance analysis can provide:

  • Online performance measurement: includes startup speed, page loading time, Page fluency, model, and region.
  • Aggregate analysis of effects: includes the number of users and the percentage of users affected.
  • Version performance comparison: analyzes and compares the performance of different versions.

Remote logs

The remote logs feature is designed to handle complex problems when users go online. This feature can provide:

  • All exception logs of apps to bring back the error scenario and quickly troubleshoot a complex problem.
  • The exception logs of a single customer to quickly identify the exception.