On the User Management page of a workspace, you can manage and configure members in the workspace.

Go to the User Management page

Go to the Workspace Management page. In the left-side navigation pane, click User Management. The User Management page appears.

You can view the following information about each member on the User Management page:
  • Member: the display name of the Alibaba Cloud account that the member uses to log on to DataWorks.
  • Tenant Account: the Alibaba Cloud account of the member.
  • Roles: the roles of the member in the current DataWorks workspace. A member can have one or more of the following roles: workspace owner, workspace administrator, developer, administration expert, deployment expert, visitor, and security expert.
    Note The workspace administrator can assign roles to Resource Access Management (RAM) user accounts as required. You can click Permission List in the left-side navigation pane to view the specific permissions of different member roles.
  • Added At: the time when the member was added to the workspace.
  • Actions: The workspace administrator can delete members except the workspace owner from the workspace.

Add members

  1. On the User Management page, click Add Member in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the Add Member dialog box, select one or more RAM user accounts to add in the Available Accounts list.
  3. Click > to move the selected RAM user accounts to the Added Accounts list.
  4. Select the roles to be granted to the RAM user accounts and click OK. Available roles include Administrators, Developer, Administration Expert, Deployment Expert, Visitor, and Security Expert.
  • The added members can access the current workspace to perform operations. For more information, see Add workspace members.
  • If a RAM user account to be added is unavailable in the Available Accounts list, click Refresh to synchronize RAM user accounts under your Alibaba Cloud account to DataWorks.

Delete a member

To delete a member except the workspace owner, find the member on the User Management page and click Delete in the Actions column. In the Remove from Workspace dialog box that appears, click OK.

Assign a role to a member

To assign a role to a member, select a role from the Roles drop-down list for the member.

Delete a role from a member

To delete a role from a member, click x next to the role in the Roles column.

Query permissions of a member

In a MaxCompute SQL node, you can run the following statements to query permissions of different members:
show grants -- Query the access permissions of your member account.
show grants for <username> -- Query the access permissions of the specified member. Only the workspace administrator is permitted to run this statement.

For more information, see Check permissions.