This topic describes the three methods to view ECS system events.

View system events in the ECS console

If there is a scheduled system event, the Pending Events button in the ECS console will be attached with a highlighted icon to remind you to view the details.

  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Overview.
  3. In the Common Settings section on the Overview page, click Pending Events.
  4. On the Pending Events page, you can view details such as instance ID, instance region, running status of the instance, event type, and recommended operation. You can perform required operations in the Actions column.

View system events by using Alibaba Cloud CLI

Alibaba Cloud CLI is used to call the API operations in the following example. For more information, see What is Alibaba Cloud CLI?.

  1. Obtain the instance ID.
    aliyun ecs DescribeInstances --RegionId <TheRegionId> --output cols=InstanceId,InstanceName rows=Instances.Instance[]
  2. Call the DescribeInstanceHistoryEvents operation to query system events of the instance.
    • Query system events in the Scheduled state:
      aliyun ecs DescribeInstanceHistoryEvents --RegionId <TheRegionId> --InstanceId <YourInstanceId> --InstanceEventCycleStatus.1 Scheduled --output cols=EventId,EventTypeName rows=rows=InstanceSystemEventSet.InstanceSystemEventType[]
    • Query all system events:
      aliyun ecs DescribeInstanceHistoryEvents --RegionId <TheRegionId> --InstanceId <YourInstanceId> --InstanceEventCycleStatus.1 Scheduled --InstanceEventCycleStatus.2 Inquiring  --InstanceEventCycleStatus.3 Executing  --InstanceEventCycleStatus.4 Executed  --InstanceEventCycleStatus.5 Canceled  --InstanceEventCycleStatus.6 Avoided --InstanceEventCycleStatus.7 Failed --output cols=EventId,EventTypeName rows=rows=InstanceSystemEventSet.InstanceSystemEventType[]
    • Query completed system events:
      aliyun ecs DescribeInstanceHistoryEvents --RegionId <TheRegionId> --InstanceId <YourInstanceId> --output cols=EventId,EventTypeName rows=rows=InstanceSystemEventSet.InstanceSystemEventType[]
    • Query uncompleted system events
      aliyun ecs DescribeInstanceHistoryEvents --RegionId <TheRegionId> --InstanceId <YourInstanceId> --InstanceEventCycleStatus.1 Scheduled --InstanceEventCycleStatus.2 Inquiring --InstanceEventCycleStatus.3 Executing --output cols=EventId,EventTypeName rows=rows=InstanceSystemEventSet.InstanceSystemEventType[]

View system events in instance metadata

For more information about how to view system events in instance metadata, see the "Dynamic instance metadata" section in Metadata.