This topic lists the Alibaba Cloud services that support Security Token Service (STS).

For information about STS and its application scenarios, see What is STS? and RAM role overview.

STS-supported Alibaba Cloud services

The following Alibaba Cloud products support STS:Elastic computing, Database, Storage and CDN, Networking, Analytics, Cloud communications, Management and monitoring, Application, IoT, Middleware, Message queuing,Media services, Big data, Security, Marketplace, Domain and hosting,Membership services,Billing management, Ticket services, andMessaging.

Each table contains the following columns:

  • Service: the name of the service that supports STS.
  • Console: indicates whether STS can be used to implement access control in the console of the service. A check sign (√) indicates that STS is supported. A cross sign (×) indicates that STS is not supported.
  • API: indicates whether STS can be used to implement access control based on the API of the service. A check sign (√) indicates that STS is supported. A cross sign (×) indicates that STS is not supported. A circle (○) indicates that no API is provided for the service.

Elastic computing

Service Console API
Elastic Compute Service
Auto Scaling
Container Service for Kubernetes
Container Registry
Resource Orchestration Service
Function Compute
Elastic High Performance Computing
Simple Application Server ×
Elastic Container Instance
Web App Service
Operation Orchestration Service


Service Console API
ApsaraDB for RDS
ApsaraDB for MongoDB
ApsaraDB for Redis
ApsaraDB for Memcache
Time Series and Spatial-Temporal Database
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL
Data Transmission Service
Database Backup
Distributed Relational Database Service
Database Gateway

Storage and CDN

Service Console API
Object Storage Service
Apsara File Storage NAS
Dynamic Route for CDN
Cloud Storage Gateway
Hybrid Backup Recovery
Lightning Cube ×


Service Console API
Virtual Private Cloud
Server Load Balancer
Elastic IP Address
Express Connect
NAT Gateway
VPN Gateway
Global Accelerator
Smart Access Gateway
Cloud Enterprise Network


Service Console API
Data Lake Analytics × ×

Cloud communications

Service Console API
Short Message Service

Management and monitoring

Service Console API
Cloud Monitor
Resource Access Management
Key Management Service
Intelligent Advisor × ×
Cloud Config


Service Console API
Log Service
Direct Mail
API Gateway
Blockchain as a Service


Service Console API
IoT Platform
IoT Edge × ×


Service Console API
Enterprise Distributed Application Service ×
Application Real-Time Monitoring Service × ×
Application Configuration Management

Message queuing

Service Console API
Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ
Message Service

Media services

Service Console API
ApsaraVideo Media Processing
ApsaraVideo VOD
ApsaraVideo Live
Real-Time Communication × ×

Big data

Service Console API
DataWorks × ×
Quick BI × ×
Machine Learning × ×
Public Recognition × ×
DataV × ×
MaxCompute × ×
Machine Translation × ×
Image Search


Service Console API
Security Center
Server Guard
Anti-DDoS Basic
Anti-DDoS Premium and Anti-DDoS Pro
Anti-DDoS Premium
Web Application Firewall
SSL Certificates Service
Cloud Security Scanner
Content Moderation
Anti-Bot Service


Service Console API
Alibaba Cloud Marketplace

Domain and hosting

Service Console API
Alibaba Cloud DNS
Cloud Web Hosting × ×
Alibaba Mail × ×

Membership services

Service Console API
ICP Filing

Billing management

Service Console API
Billing Management ×

Ticket services

Service Console API
Ticket Management


Service Console API
Message Center