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Create a consortium

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2020

This guide describes how to create a consortium as well as the roles and permissions in the consortium. A consortium is a virtual organization composed of multiple organizations. An organization can perform the following operations:

  • Share the consortium blockchain.
  • Create blockchain applications and share them with other organizations within the consortium.

Create a consortium

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud BaaS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Ant Blockchain > Contract Blockchain to go to the consortium list page. Click Create Consortium.511

  3. In the Create Consortium dialog box, set the consortium information as follows:

    • Consortium Name: The name of the consortium.
    • Consortium Description: The description of the consortium.
  4. Click Submit to create the consortium.

The created consortium will be displayed on the My Consortia page.

After you create a consortium, you can invite organizations to join the consortium and add consortium blockchains. For more information, see Manage consortium members and Manage consortium blockchains.

Consortium roles and permissions

A consortium contains two roles:

  • Consortium administrator: The creator of the consortium. The administrator can delete consortium members or add members as the administrators of the consortium.
  • Consortium members: Tenant accounts that have joined the consortium.

The function permissions corresponding to each consortium role are as follows (Y means supported. N means not supported.):

Function/role Consortium administrator Consortium members
Blockchains within the consortium
- Create a blockchain Y N
- Upload a certificate Y Y
- Download a certificate Y Y
- Download the SDK Y Y
- Reset a certificate Y Y
- View blockchain details Y Y
- Manage contract blockchain accounts Y Y
- View contract blockchain configurations Y Y
- View contract blockchain nodes Y Y
- Create, edit, or save a contract Y Y
- Use Cloud IDE Y Y
Consortium management
- Invite an organization Y Y
- Approve the applications made to join a consortium Y N
- Freeze an organization Y N
- Add an administrator Y N
- Delete an administrator Y N