This topic describes how to use Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate a domain name that fails to acquire an Internet Content Provider (ICP) number.


According to relevant laws and regulations in mainland China, Alibaba Cloud CDN cannot provide acceleration services to domain names that do not have an ICP number. Therefore, after ICP information about a domain name expires, Alibaba Cloud CDN stops providing acceleration services to the domain name.


  • Solution 1:
    Change the accelerated region to Global (Excluding Mainland China). This accelerated region does not use CDN nodes that are deployed in mainland China. Domain names that use this accelerated region do not need to apply for an ICP number. However, you are charged at a higher price rate if the accelerated region of your CDN service is outside mainland China. For more information, see CDN Pricing.
    Note Accelerated regions outside mainland China also include China (Hong Kong), China (Macao), and China (Taiwan).
    1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud CDN console.
    2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domain Names.
    3. On the Domain Names page, find the target domain name and click Manage.
    4. In the Basic Information section, click Modify.
    5. In the Region dialog box, set Region to Global (Excluding Mainland China).Change the accelerated region
    6. Click OK.
  • Solution 2:

    Temporarily migrate your workloads to other CDN service providers. After your domain name acquires an ICP number, you can migrate the workloads to Alibaba Cloud CDN again.