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Syntax support for MongoDB

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019
Category Statement
Collection statements Read statements:
aggregate, find, findOne, count, distinct, getIndexes, getShardDistribution, isCapped, stats, dataSize, storageSize, totalIndexSize, and totalSize

Data update statements:
insert, save, findAndModify, remove, and update

Collection modification statements:
drop and renameCollection

Index modification statements:
createIndex, createIndexes, dropIndexes, and reIndex

Other statement:
Database statements Read statements:
commandHelp, currentOp, getCollectionInfos, getCollectionNames, getLastError, getLastErrorObj, getLogComponents, getPrevError, getProfilingStatus, getReplicationInfo, getSiblingDB, help, isMaster, listCommands, printCollectionStats, printReplicationInfo, version, serverBuildInfo, serverStatus, and stats

Statement for creating a collection:

High-risk statements:
dropDatabase, fsyncLock, fsyncUnlock, killOp, repairDatabase, resetError, and runCommand
Query cache statements Read statements:
getPlanCache, getPlansByQuery, and listQueryShapes

Write statement:
User management statements Read statements:
getUser and getUsers

Modification statements:
createUser, changeUserPassword, dropUser, dropAllUsers, grantRolesToUser, revokeRolesFromUser, and updateUser
Role management statements Read statements:
getRole and getRoles

Modification statements:
createRole, dropRole, dropAllRoles, grantPrivilegesToRole, revokePrivilegesFromRole, revokeRolesFromRole, and updateRole
Replication set statements help, printReplicationInfo, status, and conf
Sharding statements getBalancerState and isBalancerRunning