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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2020


You can call this operation to query the precheck progress of a backup schedule or restore task.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribePreCheckProgressList.
BackupPlanId String No The ID of the backup schedule.
RestoreTaskId String No The ID of the restore task.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Status String The status of the precheck. Valid values:
  • running
  • failed
  • finish
Process Integer The percentage of the precheck that has been completed. Valid values: 0 to 100.
Items List The details of the precheck progress.
ErrMessage String The error message returned about the precheck.


Parameter Type Description
JobId Long The ID of the precheck task.
State String The progress status of the precheck task. Valid values:
  • init: The precheck task was initialized.
  • warning: An alert was reported.
  • catched: An exception was thrown.
  • running: The precheck task was running.
  • failed: The precheck task failed.
  • finish: The precheck task was finished.
OrderNum String The sequence number of the precheck item.
Names String The name of the check item group.
Item String The code of the check item.
ErrMsg String The error message returned.
BootTime Long The time when the precheck task was started. Example: 1554560477000.
FinishTime Long The time when the precheck task was finished. Example: 1554560477000.

Error codes

Error code Error message Description
PreCheckProgressNotDescribe Describe preCheck progress failed. The error message returned because the DBS precheck progress cannot be queried.