This topic describes how to use IoT Platform.

Data flow diagram


Make sure that you have completed the following preparations before performing the operations described in this chapter.

  • The IoT Platform service is active.
  • The development environment for the C programming language is ready. In the example, development of the device is based on Linux. The Link Kit SDK in C programming language provided by Alibaba Cloud is used.
  • The development environment for Java is ready. In the example, the Java SDK for server side provided by Alibaba Cloud is used to issue commands.


  1. Create products and devices: Register your device in IoT Platform and obtain a device certificate (including ProductKey, DeviceName, and DeviceSecret). Install the device certificate in the device . When the device connects to IoT Platform, it reports its certificate to IoT Platform for authentication.
  2. Define product features: Define product features in terms of properties, services, and events. IoT Platform builds a TSL model based on the defined product features. The model helps with communication between the cloud and the device.
  3. Connect a device to IoT Platform: Use device SDKs and pass in the certificate information of the device to connect the device to IoT Platform.
  4. Subscribe to messages from devices: Subscribe to messages of specific types from the device, and use AMQP clients to receive these messages.
  5. Issue commands to devices from IoT Platform: Call the IoT Platform APIs to issue commands to the device.