The Assets page in the Security Center console provides the security information about all protected domains, including the root domains, subdomains, risk status, and alerts. This topic describes how to query the number of alerts and risk status of assets associated with your domains.


  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Assets.
  3. On the Assets page, click the Website tab.
  4. On the Website tab, view the domain information.
    You can perform the following operations on this tab:
    • View root domains and associated assets
      Click Root website to view information about all root domains, including Website Name and IP.All root domains
    • View subdomains and associated assets
      Click Subdomain to view information about all subdomains, including Website Name and IP.All subdomains
  5. Optional:View the number of alerts on each asset that is associated with a domain and the asset risk status
    On the Root website or Subdomain page, click a domain name or click View to view the details of a domain.Domain details
    • You can view the domain name, root domain name, and related assets. Related assets information includes the asset name or IP address, the asset type, and the number of alerts.
    • Click the name of an asset to go to the asset details page. The risk status of the asset appears on the Basic Information tab. For more information, see Manage individual assets.
    • Click the number in the Alert column to view alert details. For more information about how to handle alerts, see View and handle alert events.