The following tables list API operations available for use in ROS.

Other operations

Operation Description
DescribeRegions Queries available regions.
SignalResource Sends signals.

Stack policy operations

Operation Description
SetStackPolicy Sets a stack policy.
GetStackPolicy Queries information about a stack policy.

Stack operations

Operation Description
CancelUpdateStack Cancels the update of a stack.
ContinueCreateStack Creates a new stack based on the template of the previous stack that fails to be created.
CreateStack Creates a stack.
GetStack Queries information about a stack.
DeleteStack Deletes a stack and all of its resources.
UpdateStack Updates a stack.
ListStacks Queries the list of stacks.
PreviewStack Previews the stack to be created using a specified template.
ListStackEvents Queries stacks and their resource events.

Template operations

Operation Description
GetTemplateEstimateCost Queries the estimated price of the resource to be created in a template.
ValidateTemplate Validates the template that is used to create stacks.
GetTemplate Queries detailed information about a template, including stacks and change sets associated with the template.
DeleteTemplate Deletes a template.
ListTemplates Queries the list of templates.
CreateTemplate Creates a template.
UpdateTemplate Updates a template.

Resource operations

Operation Description
GetResourceType Queries detailed information about a resource type.
ListStackResources Lists resources in a stack.
GetStackResource Queries the list of resources in a stack.
GetResourceTypeTemplate Queries the template of a resource by resource type.
ListResourceTypes Queries the list of supported resource types.