This topic describes the newly released features of Cloud Connect Network (CEN).

Feature Date Region Reference
Enterprise Edition transit routers 2021-02-20 Regions and zones that support Enterprise Edition transit routers Transit routers
Transit routers 2021-02-20 All Transit routers
PrivateZone 2019-05-16 All PrivateZone overview
Overlapping routing 2018-10-12 All Enable overlapping routing
Delete health check configurations 2018-10-12 All Delete health check settings
Navigate to the Cloud Monitor console through the CEN console to create alert rules 2018-10-12 All Set an alarm rule for a physical connection
Detach a virtual private cloud (VPC) and a virtual border router (VBR) from a CEN instance in the CEN console 2018-10-12 All Detach a network instance from a CEN instance
Attach a Cloud Connect Network (CCN) instance to a CEN instance across accounts 2018-10-12 All Acquire permissions from a CCN instance and Attach networks
Advertise the routes of an attached VPC to a CEN instance 2018-07-30 All Publish a route to CEN