This topic lists all the added features of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) from the 30th of July 2018 to the 16th of May 2019.

Feature Release date Supported region Reference
Added support for the PrivateZone function 2019-05-16 All regions PrivateZone overview
Added support for the overlapping routing function 2018-10-12 All regions Enable overlapping routing
Added support for deleting health check settings 2018-10-12 All regions Delete health check settings
Added support for setting alarms in the CEN console 2018-10-12 All regions Set alarms
Added support for detaching a VPC or Virtual Border Router (VBR) from a CEN instance 2018-10-12 All regions Detach a network instance from a CEN instance
Added support for attaching CCN instances of a different account to a CEN instance 2018-10-12 All regions Obtain permissions from a CCN and Attach networks
Added support for publishing route entries of a VPC attached to a CEN instance to CEN 2018-07-30 All regions Publish a route to CEN