Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) provides APIs for application monitoring, frontend monitoring, Prometheus monitoring, and customized monitoring and alerting. The following tables list API operations available for use in ARMS.

Application monitoring

API Description
ListTraceApps Queries all application monitoring tasks in a specified region.
ConfigApp Turns on or off the main switch of the application monitoring agent, or queries the main switch status of the agent.
DeleteTraceApp Deletes an application.
SearchTraceAppByName Queries application monitoring tasks by application name.
SearchTraceAppByPage Queries application monitoring tasks by page.
SearchTraces Queries traces. You can filter traces by time range, application name, IP address, span name, and tag.
SearchTracesByPage Queries traces by page. You can filter traces by time range, application name, IP address, span name, and tag.
GetTrace Queries the detailed information of a trace.
GetMultipleTrace Queries detailed information of multiple traces.
QueryMetricByPage (Application Monitoring) Queries the monitoring metrics of application monitoring by page.
SaveTraceAppConfig Customizes application monitoring settings, such as trace sampling and agent switches.

Browser monitoring

API Description
CreateRetcodeApp Creates a frontend monitoring task.
DeleteRetcodeApp Deletes a frontend monitoring task.
ListRetcodeApps Queries all frontend monitoring tasks in a specified region.
SearchRetcodeAppByPage Queries frontend monitoring tasks by page.
SetRetcodeShareStatus Turns on or off the logon-free sharing switch of a frontend monitoring site.
GetRetcodeShareUrl Queries the shared URL of a frontend monitoring site.
QueryMetricByPage (Browser Monitoring) Queries frontend monitoring metrics by page.

Prometheus Monitoring

API Description
AddGrafana Integrates a dashboard for ARMS Prometheus.
AddIntegration Integrates a dashboard and data collection rules for ARMS Prometheus.
GetPrometheusApiToken Queries the token required to integrate Prometheus.
ListDashboards Queries Grafana dashboards of a cluster.


API Description
ImportAppAlertRules Imports alert rules from application monitoring or frontend monitoring.
DeleteAlertRules Deletes one or more alert rules.
SearchAlertRules Queries alert rules.
StartAlert Starts an alert rule.
StopAlert Stops an alert rule.
CreateAlertContact Creates an alert contact.
DeleteAlertContact Deletes an alert contact.
UpdateAlertContact Modifies an alert contact.
SearchAlertContact Queries alert contacts.
CreateAlertContactGroup Creates an alert contact group.
DeleteAlertContactGroup Deletes an alert contact group.
UpdateAlertContactGroup Modifies an alert contact group.
SearchAlertContactGroup Queries an alert contact group.
SearchAlertHistories Queries the alert notifications of an alert rule.
SearchEvents Queries alert events.