This topic provides the release notes for Dedicated Host (DDH).

Feature Description Release date Supported region Documentation
Migration of a dedicated host with hidden failure risks A dedicated host with hidden failure risks can be migrated to another dedicated host to protect your services. 2020-07-29 All Migrate a dedicated host with hidden failures
Export of the dedicated host information is supported The information of all dedicated hosts in a region can be exported and saved as a report for backup. 2020-07-29 All Export the information of dedicated hosts
Customization of the g6s, c6s, and r6s dedicated hosts The vCPU-to-memory ratio of the g6s, c6s, and r6s hosts can be customized. As a result, computing resources can be flexibly allocated when ECS instances are created. 2020-05-12 All Dedicated host types
Upgrade and downgrade of ECS instances The specifications and public bandwidth of an ECS instance on a dedicated host can be changed. 2019-08-15 All Upgrade or downgrade a subscription ECS instance
CPU Overprovisioned Type v5 Dedicated hosts of type v5 are released for low-CPU-usage applications and cloud migration from physical servers on which OpenStack or KVM is deployed. As a result, the deployment costs of a single instance is reduced. 2019-07-24 All Dedicated host types
Automatic deployment of DDH Automatic deployment is supported by DDH to eliminate the need to specify a dedicated host when an ECS instance is created. Instead, the system automatically selects a dedicated host that meets the automatic deployment requirements. 2019-05-13 All Features
First release of DDH Dedicated Host is a specialized solution developed by Alibaba Cloud for enterprise users. DDH can effectively reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud migration. 2018-11-15 All What is DDH?