This topic provides the release notes for Dedicated Host (DDH).

Feature Description Release date Supported region Documentation
The g6s, c6s, and r6s dedicated hosts can be customized. The vCPU-to-memory ratio of the g6s, c6s, and r6s hosts can be customized. This allows you to flexibly allocate computing resources when you create ECS instances. 2020-05-12 All Dedicated host types
Both the upgrade and downgrade of ECS instances are supported. After you create instances on a dedicated host, you can change the instance specifications such as the number of vCPUs and memory size. You can also change the public bandwidth. 2019-08-15 All Upgrade or downgrade a subscription ECS instance
The dedicated host type CPU Overprovisioned Type v5 is released. Dedicated hosts of type v5 are suitable for applications with low CPU usage. These dedicated hosts are also suitable for the migration of ECS instances from physical servers that involve virtual environments such as VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, and KVM to the cloud. Type v5 reduces the deployment cost of each instance. 2019-07-24 All Dedicated host types
Automatic deployment of DDH is supported. After automatic deployment is enabled, you do not need to specify a dedicated host when you create ECS instances. The system selects a suitable dedicated host for the ECS instances. 2019-05-13 All Features
Dedicated Host is released. Dedicated Host is a specialized solution that is developed by Alibaba Cloud for enterprise users. DDH can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud migration. 2018-11-15 All What is DDH?