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Approval processes

Last Updated: May 09, 2020

In Data Management Service (DMS), security rule sets specify approval processes. You can apply different approval processes on different data operations.


  • You are a database administrator (DBA) or a DMS administrator.

  • A rule set exists.

    Instances in the Flexible Management and Stable Change modes use system security rule sets. You cannot modify the approval processes specified in the system security rule sets.


  1. Log on to the DMS console.

  2. In the top navigation bar, choose System Management > Security > Security Rules.

  3. On the Security Rules page, find the target security rule set and click Edit in the Actions column.

  4. On the left of the page that appears, click the target tab.

    In this example, click Data Changes.

  5. Perform the following operations as needed:

    • Replace the default approval template
      1. Find the default approval template and click Edit in the Actions column.
      2. In the Change Configuration Item dialog box that appears, click Switch Approval Template.
      3. In the Switch Approval Template dialog box, find the approval template you want to use and click Select in the Actions column.
      4. In the Change Configuration Item dialog box, click Submit.
    • Modify the checkpoint of an approval rule

      1. On the Data Changes tab, click the target approval rule.
      2. Find the target approval rule and click Edit in the Actions column.
      3. In the dialog box that appears, modify the approval rule in the Rule DSL field.DMS supports the following approval processes for the current approval rule. You can click Actions in the upper-right corner to view the supported approval processes.

        • @ act.do_not_approve: requires no approval.
        • @ act.choose_approve_template <approval template ID>: specifies an approval template, for example, @act.choose_approve_template 3.

          You can use an existing approval template. To view the IDs of approval templates, choose System Management > Security > Approval Processes in the top navigation bar. You can also create an approval template. For more information, see Customize approval processes.

        • @act.choose_approve_template_with_reason <approval template ID> <'reasons for approval'>: specifies an approval template and describes the reasons for approval, for example, @act.choose_approve_template_with_reason -1 'free of approval'.

          The template ID -1 indicates that no approval is required. For more information about the domain specific language (DSL) syntax, see DSL syntax for security rules.

      4. Click Submit.