To make sure that you can complete the workshop, you must activate MaxCompute, DataWorks, and Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) for your Alibaba Cloud account.


  • An Alibaba Cloud account is registered.
  • Real-name verification for individuals or enterprises is completed.

Background information

The following Alibaba Cloud services are used in this workshop:

Activate MaxCompute

Note If you have already activated MaxCompute, skip this step and directly create a workspace in DataWorks.
  1. Visit the Alibaba Cloud official website, click Log In in the upper-right corner, and then enter your account name and password.
  2. Move the pointer over Products in the top navigation bar and choose Analytics > Data Computing > MaxCompute to go to the product details page of MaxCompute.
  3. Click Buy Now.
  4. On the purchase page of MaxCompute, select the pay-as-you-go billing method, select a region and a type, and then click Buy Now.

Create a DataWorks workspace

  1. Log on to the DataWorks console with your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. On the Overview page, click Create Workspace in the Shortcuts section on the right.
    You can also click Workspaces in the left-side navigation pane and click Create Workspace on the page that appears.
  3. In the Create Workspace dialog box that appears, set parameters in the Basic Information step and click Next.
  4. In the Select Engines and Services step, select required compute engines and services, and click Next.
    DataWorks is now available as a commercial service. If you have not activated DataWorks in a region, activate it before you create a workspace in the region. By default, the following services are selected when you create a workspace: Data Integration, Data Analytics, Operation Center, and Data Quality.
    Note In this example, you must select PAI and MaxCompute.
  5. In the Engine Details step, set parameters for the selected compute engines.
    Engine Parameter Description
    MaxCompute Instance Display Name The display name of the compute engine instance. The display name can be up to 27 characters in length. It must start with a letter and can contain letters, underscores (_), and digits.
    MaxCompute Project Name The name of the MaxCompute project. By default, the name is the same as that of the DataWorks workspace.
    Account for Accessing MaxCompute The account for accessing the MaxCompute project. Valid values: Alibaba Cloud primary account and Alibaba Cloud sub-account.
    Resource Group The quotas of computing resources and disk spaces for the compute engine instance.
    PAI GPU Utilization Specifies whether to use the graphics processing unit (GPU). By default, this feature is disabled. If you want to use the GPU, enable this feature on the Workspace Settings page.
  6. Click Create Workspace.
    After the workspace is created, you can view information about the workspace on the Workspaces page.