If an external server no longer requires protection, you can manually remove this server from protected assets in the Security Center console. After the server is removed from protected assets, the server is no longer protected by Security Center. You cannot view data related to the server in the Security Center console, such as alerts, vulnerabilities, and attack information.

If you have stopped or uninstalled the Security Center agent but have not removed the server, you can still view the server information in the Security Center console.

Remove an external server from protected assets

Log on to the Security Center console. On the Assets page, right-click an external server and select Unbind. After you unbind the server, it is removed from the protected assets of Security Center.

Note You can perform the unbind operation on an external server only when the Security Center agent is in the Disabled state. If the Security Center agent is in the Enabled state, you must right-click the server and select Disable Protection on the Assets page before you can unbind the server.

Release an ECS instance

If your Security Center service has expired, but the ECS instance is not released, all your Security Center instances will be automatically released seven days later.