This topic describes how to test the network connectivity between two network instances attached to a CEN instance.


Before testing the connectivity, make sure that the following conditions are met:
  • A cross-region connection bandwidth is configured for the network instances if the two network instances belong to different regions. For more information, see Step 4: Set a cross-region connection bandwidth.
  • Security group rules that allow intercommunication between the networks exist in the security group. If not, add security group rules. For more information, see Add security group rules.

Background information

The following table describes two ECS instances (named ECS 1 and ECS 2) that are deployed in China (Hangzhou) and China (Shanghai) respectively.
Configuration ECS 1 ECS 2
Private IP address 192.xx.1.41 192.xx.136.60
Region China (Shanghai) China (Hangzhou)


  1. Log on to ECS 2.
  2. Use ping command to ping the private IP address of ECS 1 to check whether the connection between ECS 1 and ECS 2 is established.
    Connectivity tests