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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2021

This topic provides the release notes of OpenSearch. You can read this topic to understand the changes on OpenSearch, such as changes on service features and search syntax. This way, you can improve your development efficiency.

Release date

Update item




Industry-specific templates


Industry-specific templates are added. You can use templates that are specific to your industry to lower requirements on accessing OpenSearch and obtain better search results in corresponding industries.


Optimized console


This optimization makes the steps of application configuration clearer and facilitates you to use industry-specific templates and the search algorithm center.


New topic on how to configure a sorting plug-in in Cava in the OpenSearch console


A topic is added to the documentation of OpenSearch in the Search algorithm center/Sorting configuration/Policy management directory. This topic describes how to configure a sorting plug-in in Cava in the OpenSearch console.


Modified topics of DescribeAppGroupDataReport and ListAppGroupMetrics


Request URIs and request parameters in the topics of DescribeAppGroupDataReport and ListAppGroupMetrics are modified.


New topics on report statistics in Control API


1. The topic on the description of statistical metrics is added in Data structure. 2. The topics on log statistics, including ListStatisticLogs and ListStatisticReport, are added in Statistics.


Report statistics, drop-down suggestions, blacklists and whitelists, query analysis (including policies of rewriting QUERY clauses and term weight), and dictionaries for term weight intervention

Modified and new

1. Reports on business operations, A/B testing, drop-down suggestions, top searches, and shading are added. 2. The operations of using drop-down suggestions in the new console are updated. 3. Whitelists and blacklists can be configured for drop-down suggestions. 4. The settings of term weight and policies of rewriting QUERY clauses in query analysis are updated. 5. Dictionaries for term weight intervention are added.


Modified modules of query analysis, category prediction, dictionary management, top searches, and shading

Modified and new

1. Ignoring Spaces are supported when you use Named Entity Recognition (NER) in query analysis. 2. The operations of using category prediction in the console are updated. 3. Dictionaries for NER intervention are updated. 4. The operations of using top searches and shading are added.


New console


OpenSearch documentation is restructured based on the new console. The directory of OpenSearch documentation is aligned with the left-side navigation pane of the new console.